Valentine Love Silhouette Red
Love Silhouette with Personalized Wood Heart
Personalized Heart with Two Names
Personalized Wood Heart with Last Name

Valentine Love Silhouette Red


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This new Love Silhouette is red in color with white and red berries attached to the stem. It is approximately 5 1/2" in diameter and comes with en electric light.

You can personalize this gourd with a natural colored wood heart. Our wood heart is approximately 1 1/4". You are able to get either two first names put onto the heart or one last name. To get a personalized heart with your Valentine Gourd make sure to write the name or names you would like on your heart in our shipping instructions. You will see an area for shipping instructions while you are checking out. If you have any questions please call us at 717-776-3470.

Because this design is crafted using a natural gourd, each piece is ever so slightly different to make for a unique artisan piece with natural variance in color and size.


This product is not available for Wholesale Customers.

*To receive a wood heart on your Valentine Gourd you must write in our shipping instructions, otherwise you will not receive a wooden heart. Personalized wood hearts are no additional charge.**

Warning: Gourds are flammable. Do not use candles in them or place near open flames.